Prime Minister: don’t abandon people with arthritis this winter

People with arthritis face a crisis on two fronts this winter.

The rising cost of living, especially the cost of keeping warm, is adding to the financial burden many people already face because of their condition, with some being forced to choose between eating or heating their home.

Meanwhile the desperately needed treatment and support many people with arthritis have already endured long, agonising waits for faces further disruption as winter challenges pile pressure on our already struggling health services.

New treatments and potential cures are also being put at risk, as rising inflation increases the costs of running laboratories and jeopardizes our ground-breaking research into arthritis in the UK.

No one should be left to face these crises alone. Our new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, must take urgent action to protect people with arthritis now and into the future. 

Sign our open letter to the Prime Minister asking him not to abandon people living with arthritis this winter.


Dear Prime Minister

Under your leadership, we must see urgent action to ensure that the 10 million people in the UK living with arthritis get the support and treatment they need, both now and in the future.

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We call on you to: 

1. Protect people with arthritis from the cost of living crisis, by providing increased support to households who require additional heating to maintain their health. This must include expanding the eligibility for the Warm Homes Discount scheme.

2. Ensure national plans to bring down waiting times for joint replacement surgery and other planned treatments are not disrupted by the impact of winter pressures on health services, and that people with arthritis on waiting lists get the support they need.

3. Enable ground-breaking research into arthritis in the UK to grow and protect it from the soaring costs of economic inflation, so it can continue to work towards life-changing treatments and potential cures.