Movement can be one of the best ways for people with arthritis to feel good and live a healthier life. It can boost your mental health, help you sleep better and reduce pain. 

That’s why we’ve launched Let’s Move – a free programme for people with arthritis who want more movement in their lives.  

Sign up today and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. 

Let’s Move is designed to find the level of movement that’s right for you and build confidence in your body.

As part of Let’s Move: 

  • You’ll receive movement videos and ideas tailormade for people living with arthritis which are designed to fit into your daily routine.
  • You’ll hear stories about people whose lives have been transformed by movement – from tai chi to dancing – which might just inspire you to have a go too. 
  • You’ll also receive resources and motivational tips from healthcare professionals and fitness professionals to help you create and keep up with your physical activity goals. 

So sign up for free to Let’s Move today and join people like you across the UK who want more movement in their lives.




The following questions are optional. Information provided will help us to understand the demographics and health conditions of our audience to allow us to tailor physical activity programmes for our supporters.

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Let’s Move Consent Overview
This form details the way that you (or the child/dependent that you are legally responsible for, where the child/dependent is under 18) can expect your personal data including, name, age, sex, health, address, and disability, to be stored and used by Versus Arthritis.

Why do we gather this material?
The personal information you consent to providing Versus Arthritis will enable us to learn more about you and understand the demographics, geography and health conditions of our Let’s Move audience and for diversity and inclusion purposes. It will also allow us to tailor physical activity programmes.

How will my personal data be kept?
Personal data will be kept in our secure internal database.

How long will my personal data be kept?
We will hold your information for 10 years following the Versus Arthritis privacy notice available on our website.

How can I remove my consent?
You can withdraw consent at any time and/or object to your personal information being used. Your material will be removed upon request. If you would like to withdraw consent please email [email protected] and we will immediately action this request.

For more information
If you have any questions, please email [email protected]