Rob’s been waiting on a date for knee surgery for over a year. It feels like a lifetime. 

Waiting times were long before coronavirus. But now, they’re longer than ever. In fact, the pandemic has seen waiting times for  

planned surgeries, such as joint replacements, hit a record high. 

Until their much-needed surgeries happen, people like Rob need our support. 

Your gift will help to ensure that people waiting in pain get the support and communication they need. You’ll also help make it possible for people like Rob to give evidence to MPs in parliament, sharing their very real, personal reasons for tackling waiting times right now.  

Together we’ll help more people get in for treatment, and out of pain. 

£30 could help us be there with one-to-one online and email support for someone waiting in pain 

£150 could help answer 10 calls to the helpline from someone like rob

£500 could help get more voices like Rob’s heard in parliament, to help push the campaign further forward

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