We know research is the answer. We know that working hard, trialling and testing new approaches is the way out of pain, for millions of people in the UK with arthritis. We also know that your support is what we need to make progress and change lives.

Research has already helped to make life-changing breakthroughs. Whether it’s with new drugs and treatments or new approaches, your Christmas gift can help more people with arthritis to turn a corner and look forward with hope.

We want progress.

We want answers.

We want a pain-free future.

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You can help us defy arthritis together

£15 could help scientists discover how to ‘switch off’ the faulty signals in white blood cells that cause inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.

£68 could help fund two hours of clinical research into new ways to better manage arthritis and guide the support that people with musculoskeletal conditions so urgently need. 

£100 could help buy a PCR kit for scientists, to help them study changes in genes and proteins which could play a vital role in the next arthritis breakthrough.